"It's amazing what we accomplished in three days! I came home with ideas and tactics that I can implement immediately".

-Music Festival administrator from Europe

"When I decided to start an arts organization I knew I'd need to brush up on my management and marketing skills.  This seminar was just what I needed to get headed in the right direction..."

-Arts entrepreneur/dancer from California

"I was so excited to share what I learned with my colleagues when I returned to the office after the last session.  The American perspective on cultural marketing is priceless for what need to do here."

-Arts Administrator based in Asia

"An intense weekend in NYC...learning from case studies, field trips and group projects with my fellow students with your guidance brought the material to life.  Thanks very much!"

-Museum administrator from Middle East

"I had been in the corporate world for half my career and got sick of it.  This seminar really set me on the right path for my work in arts administration, which has been so refreshing."

-Sector shifter from New York